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T-Swift Transforms Into an Alpha Male for 'The Man'

Yes, it is really Taylor Swift in the music video for her song "The Man." By using extensive prosthetic makeup and a wig she has completely shown people her more masculine side. (via BuzzFeed)

Make the Most of Leap Day

This year is a Leap Year and though it isn't a holiday, it gives everyone an excuse to get some extra stuff done with their extra time. Some silly and fun things to do include getting a small tattoo that no one can see, send a double text, go engagement ring shopping regardless of relationship status and subscribe to Disney Plus. 'Cause, why not? (via Cosmopolitan)

Bullied Australian Boy Donates $470K to Charity

Quaden Bayles, who came to be well-known after his mother posted a video of him stating he was contemplating suicide because he was being bullied, had a GoFundMe started for him that has raised $470,000. The Bayles Family have stated they are turning down the money, that was raised to send Quaden to Disneyland, and instead will put it towards charity. (via TooFab)

Woman Allegedly Kills Boyfriend by Zipping Him in Suitcase

A Florida resident named Sarah Boone was arrested earlier this week and charged with second degree murder. She allegedly zipped her boyfriend in a suitcase and filmed herself taunting the man, while he struggled to breathe. The man, Jorge Torres Jr., died reportedly due to being trapped in the suitcase and unable to breathe. The couple were apparently playing a drinking game when Boone thought it comical to put him in the bag. (via BuzzFeed News)

New Dating Show for Senior Citizens

Senior citizens, meaning those 65 and older, will be the subject of the new ABC show. Little is known at this time about the show, and the question remains: do people really need another dating show? (via USA Today)

This Is Us Cast Perform TikTok 'Smeeze'

Watch Sterling K. Brown lead his NBC drama co-stars in a rendition of the viral TikTok dance called the "Smeeze."

Taylor Swift's Most Memorable Music Video Looks

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