When someone says, "This is absolutely the worst song I've ever heard," part of you kinda wants to hear it. Now, you too can indulge your masochistic tendencies by listening to the new single "Blowin'" from the inexplicably famous Farrah Abraham. After offending our moral and visual sensibilities on the hit show "Teen Mom" from MTV, Abraham now aims to hurt us just as badly through the medium of sound.

Unlike "Friday" by Rebecca Black, this track won't be ironically blasted from the speakers of your favorite club anytime soon. With cliche lyrics, uninspired beats, and vocals mangled by autotune, it goes beyond terrible and enters the realm of music they'd play at Guantanamo to punish prisoners. You can't really sing along. You can only sneer and wonder how how the entire production crew can sleep at night.

The punchline, cleverly hidden in the title of the song, might be the best part. As presumably a tongue-in-cheek reference to her previous foray into the adult entertainment industry, she's not "blowin'" what you'd think:

"Let me get that air
That breeze
The wind I need,
Im blowin (I’m blowin)
All these bullies away."

Captivating. This chorus is sandwiched between even deeper lyrics analyzing Farrah's existential crisis of her own fame. And chanting the word, "CelebURty." Because why not.

What would you rather do than listen to that again?