Who doesn't enjoy a burrito from time to time? It's the perfect alternative to a sandwich, and everyone loves them. 

Yelp came out with a list of the Best Burrito in Every State, which is on Thursday, April 7th, and the one they chose for Montana is really under the radar. Montana has some incredible burrito places that span from Helena to Bozeman to Missoula. So if you are a fan of burritos, you might want to check this spot out. 

The best place to get a burrito in Montana is La Casita in West Glacier, at over four and a half stars. La Casita has the usual choices for burritos, but their Al Pastor burrito is one of the big favorites, according to reviews. I asked my brother if he'd ever been here, and he gave them rave reviews. La Casita's burritos are something to check out, especially if you are in the West Glacier area. 

La Casita Mexican Food via Facebook
La Casita Mexican Food via Facebook

If you don't plan on traveling to West Glacier for National Burrito Day, there are a few places around Bozeman that you can enjoy. First off, if you are looking for some great Mexican fare, definitely check out Mr. Burritos or Albertano's. If you want a breakfast burrito, you might want to get one from Low-Key Sandwiches or Mr. Burritos. If you want a fantastic burrito, you can also go to Paulie's, or the K2 Hideaway Grill

So on Thursday, why not treat yourself to a great burrito for any of your meals and celebrate National Burrito Day in Bozeman. 

For more details, check out Yelp

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