There have been many changes to our Bozeman Costco and it's been looking better every single day.

Our Bozeman Costco is holding a Grand Reopening offer to celebrate their bigger and better warehouse and it's a pretty good deal. So now until Monday, November 15th you can go renew or sign up for a new Costco membership and receive a Costco Cash Card. Depending on what kind of membership you get will have a different value on the Costco Cash Card.

If you want a basic Costco Gold Star membership or a Costco Business membership, that will cost $60 to renew or start and you will get a $10 Costco Cash Card. If you want an Executive Costco Membership, that will be $120 and you will get a $20 Costco Cash Card. The thing is though, an Executive membership will also get you a 2% annual reward on all the money you spend there. So if you have a big family and go through a lot of food, you could get a lot in return.

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images
Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

If you haven't been around Costco lately there have been a lot of changes. The main turn into Costco off of Catron usually is a Wild West of trying to deal with traffic and usually during this time of year they have a temporary light to help alleviate the stress but they successfully added a pretty great roundabout. Also, they have a new layout for their parking lot and it's smooth and never congested.

I have been a card-carrying member for Costco for many years and it's a blessing and a curse. Costco is great to buy things in bulk to save money but every time I step inside that store I see things that I don't probably need but they would be nice to have and I end up spending more money. Worth it.

Plus, I can't wait for the Bozeman Costco to reopen their food court. I need their $1.50 hot dog/soda combo ASAP. It's like a reward after shopping there.

For more details, check out the Bozeman Costco.

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