On tonight's (May 6) episode of 'The Voice,' only the members of Team Adam Levine and Team Usher performed for the first of the Playoff Rounds. No saves. No steals. It's up to America to choose who stays and who goes for two contestants of the four contestants, while the coach gets to pick the third, meaning one person from each team gets sent home, shrinking the individual teams from four to three. That means the total Top 12 will be revealed soon.

Here's how Team A. Lev and Team Usher Raymond did tonight.


Amber Carrington: The country singer sang an emotional version of Rihanna's 'Stay,' holding her coach's attention for every second. It's a sparse song leaving little room for error and Carrington was near-perfect.

Sarah Simmons: She was like a seraph singing the fragile yet unforgettable 'Angel' by her namesake Sarah McLachlan.

Caroline Glaser: The coffee shop singer is not a belter, so she feared that she would flounder against the big voices on her team. She also knew she had to have a moment with Ed Sheeran's 'The A-Team' and she did, proving that having a powerhouse voice is a very objective thing,

Judith Hill: It was the diva-in-training's birthday and she gave us a gift with her rendition of 'Feeling Good,' a Nina Simone vocal standard. She connected with the audience, which is not something you can teach. She exuded cool.


Joshiah Hawley: He exuded sexuality singing and knuckling down on his guitar to Muse's 'Starlight.' He has Robin Thicke-like hair but he is way more of a rocker. We likey.

Cathia: She belted out Whitney Houston's 'I Have Nothing.' U.R. wanted her voice to dance. Did it? Why yes, it did. But make no mistake. That was a risky song choice.

Vedo: The R&B singer crooned 'Against All Odds' by Phil Collins. Usher said he was 100 percent pleased with his performance and that he expects Vedo to continue on. So if America doesn't choose the V, the U will!

Michelle Chamuel: The quirky, spectacled singer sang 'True Colors' and she sounded like a bird. Like Nelly Furtado. Shakira was moved to tears during the rendition.

Tune in tomorrow (May 7) to watch Team Shakira and Team Blake Shelton have their playoffs.

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