It seems I'm a gluten for punishment. Every year, I manage to get a really bad sunburn. Most of the time it's my own fault, and it could've been prevented had I worn sunscreen.

On Sunday, some friends and I went fishing at Canyon Ferry. I usually have some sunscreen in the backpack I take fishing, but it wasn't there when I went to find it on Sunday.

As a result, I'm as red a lobster. I can't get comfortable, so I haven't been getting much sleep in the last couple of days. The sting of the burn is slowly but surely going away, but for the first couple of days, it felt like my entire body was on fire.

Thanks to everyone that sent in suggestions on the best remedies for a really bad sunburn.

Here are a few of the great ideas I received:

  • Nicole Y. - "Mary Kay after sun gel, it’s seriously amazing!"
  • Bentley's Mom - "Vinegar takes the heat out. Then get aloe vera with lidocaine. I'm super fair and this is the only thing that works."
  • Cindy - "Vicks vapor rub is the only cure for sunburns..."
  • JT - "Cool compression like a wet cool towel."
  • Destini - "Use vanilla extract. Not imitation, it has to be the real stuff put it on before bed."
  • Anne - "Find a Mary Kay lady and get there suncare after sun replenishing gel it works wonders."




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