The new Halloween film comes out on Friday, October 19 and will be the 11 installment in the franchise, but there is a big change of pace from all the other sequels.

Hare are some things you might not know about the new Halloween film:

  • Even though this is the 11th film in the series, this film is a sequel just to the first Halloween movie from 1978 and set 40 years later.
  • This film was written and directed by David Gordon Green, who is mostly know for comedies and indie films such as Pineapple Express, Prince Avalanche, and Joe.
  • The script was also co-written by Danny McBride, who is known for his comedy work in Tropic Thunder, Pineapple Express, and the HBO show Eastbound and Down.
  • The film brings back Jamie Lee Curtis, playing Laurie Strode from the first film, and even brings back Nick Castle, the man who played Michael Myers int he first film.

There is a lot of excitement around this movie and early reviews are saying this is the best Halloween installment since the original and is projected to open to over $50 million dollars this upcoming weekend.

Check out the trailer below and we will see you at the movies this weekend.