Every once in a while, you come across a house that's so extravagant, it's almost hard to believe. This is one of those times.

In Montana, houses can range from decently priced to over the top, depending on the location, acreage, and square footage. Some houses on the market will have extremely limited buyers, depending on the location and price. That will be the case for this house. 

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In Helena, a massive luxury mansion is for sale. The house is owned by two European actors and is a feast for the eyes. Asking price is a little under $5 million. Wondering what comes with this mansion? Well, a lot. 

Patrick Pacheco/Buy Sell Montana
Patrick Pacheco/Buy Sell Montana via Zillow

First, the house is over 7,000 square feet and rests on 40 acres. It also comes with a 7-hole putting green, a pool, a hot tub, a steam sauna, a Finnish sauna, a fire pit, a tiki bar, a white sand lounge area, a Boccia court (whatever that is), and access to Hauser Lake. 

By the way, most of those amenities are outside. The inside of the house includes even more luxuries, like a theater room and a huge kitchen. I think the most surprising part of this house is that it only has a two-car garage. 

Patrick Pacheco/Buy Sell Montana via Zillow
Patrick Pacheco/Buy Sell Montana via Zillow

These houses are always a blast to look at because it's fun to see what people have built in Montana, so they have a home away from home, although there's not always a huge market for such houses. Nonetheless, Helena is a beautiful area, and this house will give you all the views. 

Although, with all the windows, you'll need to hire someone to clean them.

For more details, check out Zillow

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