A Guide To Finding Thrift Shopping Treasure In Montana

At least once a week, I'll stop by our local thrift stores and pawn shops just to see what is in stock.

You can find decent deals for sure, but the best deals and "treasure hunting" can only be found at garage and yard sales.

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a couple people look at items for sale at a garage sale

Garage And Yard Sales Could Be Hiding Treasure In Montana

Nothing gets me more excited than to be driving around Montana and seeing a sign saying "garage sale" or "yard sale."

It doesn't matter what I was doing, I am now only interested in stopping by to see what is for sale.

I think we've all had fantasies of finding something worth a small fortune, even if the odds of doing so are slim.

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A sign saying "Yard Sale" with price tags all over items

Know What To Look For When Thrifting In Montana

When it comes to pricing some people over value their items.

It could be due to not wanting to let go of them, or not realizing that people either no longer want these items, or don't want them at that price point.

Thankfully the items you'll see in the gallery below are all ones that if you feel the price is right, would be a smart purchase.

That's due to the fact these items should continue to increase in value, so while you might pay just a bit more today, down the road you could sell it yourself and make a nice profit.

Items Worth Big Bucks at Garage and Yard Sales

Keep an eye out for these specific items as they could be worth lots of money.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

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Classic Toys That Could Be Worth Big Bucks

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