The man in this video is a warrior. He is a man that breaks through whatever barriers he comes up against. He started throwing concerts in his early 20's, he races sailboats, enjoys backcountry skiing with his family - he lives the life most of us dream of. I am privileged to call him my friend. Tate Chamberlin.

If you've been in Southwest Montana for any time, you know the name. The next battle Tate is coming full force with, is the fight for equality. Take 3 minutes of your life to watch this video. THEN, take some time to think about what it means for this nation to truly be equal. Our generation has the power to change this nation, like Abraham Lincoln did during his time. Take this opportunity to do something bigger than your yourself. Take time to look at life through a different lens. What kind of world do we want it to be for the next generation.  The Interchange festival is coming to Bozeman, let's show the world what Southwest Montana thinks is important.

I am ready to join the army. Who's with me?

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