Something very important happened between the time when Jonah Hill first hosted ‘Saturday Night Live‘ in 2008 and when he did for the second time last night — the 28-year-old was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his role in ‘Moneyball.’ Although he ultimately lost to Christopher Plummer, apparently the nomination had gone to Hill’s head just a little bit.

‘SNL’ spoofed this with a video of Hill interacting with his “old friends” at the show, like Andy Samberg, who Hill greeted by demanding he fetch him soda.

As the segment winded down, Hill admitted the error of his ways. As he was doing so, a surprise guest walked on the ‘SNL’ stage. It was Tom Hanks, who told Hill that he too became an insufferable jerk because of Oscar success.

Hanks disclosed that after his second Academy Award win in 1995 he made his wife sleep on the couch so there would be enough room in the bed for “the twins.”

However, Hanks said he got over all that obnoxiousness “a few days ago.” Maybe that’s why he and his long-time bride Rita Wilson looked so happy together at a recent Los Angeles Kings hockey game.