I would be pretty skeptical about a fourth Toy Story. But Toy Story 2 was as good or better than the original Toy Story. And then Toy Story 3 might have been even better than the first two — and it was definitely more soul-crushingly sad. So bring on Toy Story 4; there’s every chance in the world it will be hilarious/entertaining/depressing.

The first trailer debuts with Ralph Breaks the Internet this weekend — but you can watch it right now above. Here’s the official synopsis:

 Woody and the rest of the toys are back for an all-new adventure in “Toy Story 4,” welcoming new friends to Bonnie’s room, including a reluctant new toy called Forky. ‘Like most people, I assumed that ‘Toy Story 3’ was the end of the story,” said director Josh Cooley. ‘And it was the end of Woody’s story with Andy. But just like in life, every ending is a new beginning. Woody now being in a new room, with new toys, and a new kid, was something we have never seen before. The questions of what that would be like became the beginning of an entertaining story worth exploring.

Apparently, this Forky chap “insists that he is NOT a toy” and that is what spurs the story along. The tagline is “Every Ending Is a New Beginning” which is good — better, given the circumstances, than “Get Forked!”

Toy Story 4 opens in theaters next summer.

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