Museum of the Rockies is pleased to announce the opening of two new exhibits on Saturday, February 28, 2015 - Dinosaur Revolution: Live Large and Liberty on the Border: A Civil War Exhibit.

Dinosaur Revolution is a fascinating maze for children that lets them travel through 150 million years with a dinosaur's eye view of the world; mimicking
dinosaur behavior, crushing earth beneath giant dinosaur feet, and finding evidence of why dinosaurs are one of the most successful survivors in earth's history. Driven by questions and answers, Dinosaur Revolution informs with cutting-edge discoveries, debunks popular myths and takes young visitors on a journey that's as large as a T. Rex!

Liberty of the Border explores the Civil War with new insights into the events leading up to the war, the war years, and the "politics of memory" that have occurred from post-war to modern day. The exhibit looks closely at the physical border that separated slave states from free states, particularly Ohio from Kentucky, but it also explores the wide spectrum of attitudes of the people in those areas. Because of its strong focus on non-military events and civilian contributions, as well as the war itself, Liberty on the Border puts the causes, effects, and meaning of the war into more personal terms.

The two new exhibits will fill the museum's front and back halls of the main gallery and run through May 3, 2015.