Last week my mom and two of my aunts who live in North Dakota came out to visit me to do some wedding planning.  We looked at venue's, flowers, decorations - and of course we went shopping for my wedding dress.

This day was very special to me, having these lovely ladies there as well as my best friend was so great. It was a day I wish could have lasted forever.  I tried on gown after gown after gown, and they sat very patiently telling me their opinions.  This was not like your typical version of "say yes to the dress", they were all so patient, kind and full of love.  I ended up with 4 gowns in my "this could be the one" brain.  I don't know if I was just enjoying having them all there so much that I couldn't make up my mind, if I didn't find "the one", or if I just need to make up my mind and pick one of the 4.  They are 4 completely different gowns, one has ruffles, one has ruffles and lace, one is the classic princess dress, and one has beautiful "pick ups".

What do you think I should do?  Keep shopping or pick one of the beautiful ones I found?  What's your most memorable wedding preparation experience?