What if we had a Montana-flavored potato chip?

I'm a salty snacker and potato chips are one of my top choices when reaching for a treat. The fat, the salt, the crunch - yum! Potato chips are one of my few borderline food addictions. I can easily consume a "Party Size" bag of Lay's (now just 12.5 ounces, thanks to shrinkflation) in two to three sittings.

Credit: Lay's
Credit: Lay's

Lay's has rolled out a fun new assortment of seasonal flavors for 2024.

The seasonal, limited-edition flavor combos always catch my eye on the endcaps of grocery stores. This year, the company has four new limited-edition chip flavors. Three of those are designed to represent regions of the United States; West Coast, East Coast, and Midwest.

The West Coast flavor is Crispy Taco, East Coast is BLT Sandwich, and Midwest is Fried Pickles with Ranch. The 4th limited-edition flavor is Lime and Cracked Pepper (kettle chips) at select retailers.

Canadians love ketchup chips. Credit Canva
Canadians supposedly love ketchup-flavoured chips. Credit Canva

Remember the ketchup-flavored chips?

Canadians have reportedly loved ketchup-flavored potato chips since the 80s, and are somewhat popular in pockets of the US. In 2018 Lay's released their ketchup-flavored chips nationwide as part of its "Taste of America" series.

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They've done all kinds of wacky food combo chip flavors over the years, including Deep Dish Pizza, Crab Spice, Chili Con Queso, Beer and Brats, and many more. I've tried most of them, loved some of them, and was less than impressed by others.

Rocky Mountain Oyster Flavor? Credit Canva
Credit Canva

If Montana had a chip flavor...

Food and Wine gushed that Lay's 2024's nostalgia-inspired chip flavors will "remind you of home." Which made me wonder what flavor of potato chip would best represent Montana. Smoked Trout flavored potato chips don't sound very appealing, no matter how clever the marketing.

Credit Popshoplife.com/Canva
Credit Popshoplife.com/Canva

Steakhouse Chips? Sweet and Zesty Huckleberry BBQ?

The company already makes a Ribeye Steak flavored chip, available in China and online at specialty import shops. Rebranded as a "Steakhouse" flavor, this chip might make me think of Big Sky Country. Many Montanans might enjoy a "BBQ Huckleberry" flavored chip, which would portray the Treasure State taste profile relatively accurately.

What other wacky Montana-inspired flavors could the food scientists at Lay's whip up? We'd love to hear your thoughts, serious or silly. Drop a comment if you're reading this on Facebook, or send a message on our App Chat.

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