There's no question that Bozeman is growing. People are moving here from all over, and it's Californians that seem to get blamed the most for changing Bozeman into a place that locals don't recognize. Well, it turns out that California isn't even where most people are coming from.

According to The Bozeman Real Estate Group, Montana is actually the #1 state people are moving to Bozeman from. A whopping 81% of people moving to the Gallatin Valley are actually from in-state.

And while #2 on the list is California, far less than 2 out of every 10 people coming to live here are actually from the Golden State, or any other state for that matter.

So, the next time you run across someone who's just moved to Bozeman, be nice. Chances are they're a fellow Montanan, so don't make the mistake of assuming their coming from another state. They're probably not.

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