After a long day of work, some hearty food and cold craft beer are all you need to end the day right. 

Montana has some stellar breweries throughout the state. From small-town fun to huge production facilities, there are breweries that everyone can enjoy. What's better than having a craft beer? Having some delicious food to accompany your beverage. 

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Unfortunately, many breweries throughout the state aren't able to serve food or are limited in what they can serve. 

We did a deep dive into Montana's breweries, and found the ones that also have a full menu. These breweries, for a better sense of the term, are known as brewpubs. Brewpubs are places that serve their own beer and also have a full food menu. 

Photo by Elevate via Unsplash
Photo by Elevate via Unsplash

This way, you can bring in your kids to enjoy a good meal even though they might not have a tasty beer. It's a win-win situation. 

One piece of criteria we made sure to include is that every single one of these breweries has a full food menu available on their website. That means any breweries that have food trucks stationed at their locations won't be on this list. 

Photo by Melissa Walker Horn via Unsplash
Photo by Melissa Walker Horn via Unsplash

As much as it pains me to keep places like Outlaw Brewing here in Bozeman or Draught Works in Missoula off the list, they don't serve food. They only have food trucks on certain days of the week. 

Sadly, these amazing breweries just don't fit the brewpub definition. 

If you are looking for a place to have unique beer and hearty food, here are the Top Ten Brewpubs in Montana. 

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