In the past few years, people from all over the country have moved to Montana in search of a new way of life. If you live in Montana and have visited almost any major city, you quickly realize how great living in Montana actually is. It's no surprise that many Montanans aren't too fond of all of the new residents and people moving to the state, but most complaints are directed toward people moving from places like California.

Idaho and Montana

Montana is a special place, and many longtime residents don't want to see it change, which is completely understandable. The influx of newcomers has resulted in high housing costs and new construction. Farm fields have turned into housing developments, and many businesses have shuttered due to rising rent costs.

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Montana is definitely experiencing some growing pains, and out-of-staters and transplants seem to get blamed for most of the changes happening in the state. People refer to Bozeman as "Boz-Angeles" because the cost of living has gotten so high, and the fact that you can't drive down almost any street without seeing a California license plate.

The truth is, Californians aren't the only people moving to Montana. People from Washington, Colorado, Idaho, and a number of other states are also moving to the state.

Montana Sniffing Idaho
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