Even though 2015 was a huge year for movies with five films grossing over $1 billion  each (Furious 7, Minions, Jurassic World, Avengers:Age of Ultron and Star Wars:The Force Awakens).  The next closest year was in 2012 when there were three films that grossed that much. The craziest thing is that 2016 might be an even bigger year for films.  We have seven (yes, seven) superhero films planned, another Star Wars, Harry Potter spin off, a reboot of Ghostbusters, and a sequel to Independence Day. So, I decided to try and make the upcoming movie season a little easier. Here are my Top Five Movie Theater Hacks to make life easier for you.

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    Butter Your Popcorn with a Straw

    This might seem odd but think about it. Usually the butter you get is great on top but dry on the bottom. The great thing is at our theater you can butter your own popcorn and using the straw you can butter other parts than just the top. Nothing is better than having all your popcorn buttered for a film.

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    Sit Two-Thirds Up in the Theater

    The majority of theaters will have the best surround sound if you sit around two-thirds up and in the center. The only draw to this is that you are a little bit farther from the screen.

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    Join The Theater's Reward Program

    This is seriously a must. Even if you don't go to the movies that often you can be rewarded with free concession items, free tickets and even discounts.  Plus, there might be special screenings of new films at the theater and you can see it months before any one else.

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    Buy Discounted Gift Cards Online or on Groupon

    This is great. There are sites like Groupon, who on occasion, have tickets on discount or even check out Costco( their website also has them available).  Also, this website Raise sells eGiftcards at a discounted price.

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    Constant Movie Goer? There is a Netflix for Movie Theaters

    This is something that I have been debating about for about four months. If you are a constant moviegoer like me then this might make sense. There is a service called MoviePass, where for $30 a month, you can literally see a movie everyday. Pretty crazy right?  There are some things you should be aware of though. You can't use it for 3D or IMAX (we don't have one) films, you have to sign up for a full year, and you can only see one movie in a 24 hour period (which really isn't a big deal).