I love Halloween so much. It's a great time of the year. Dress up and have fun but I also get to enjoy my favorite films. Horror films are the best. I love how they scare me and just make my skin crawl sometimes. So I thought to get into the season is to give out my Top Five Horror Films to Watch Over Halloween. Check out the list below.

  • 1

    John Carpenter's The Thing

    Seriously a classic. This film is a classic and will have you asking questions till the very end. Kurt Russell is a man trying to figure out if someone in his group of friends isn't who they say they are. Deals with an isolating area of Antarctica and you feel trapped and nowhere to hide. Check it out.

  • 2

    V/H/S 2

    This movie is all kinds of crazy. It's a movie made up of several different stories and all of them are intense and very thrilling. I think it's on Netflix and I also recommend checking out the first one too if you can.

  • 3

    It Follows

    The idea of this movie is just crazy. I highly recommend watching this with friends to see how they react as well. All the casting is perfect and what I think that really sets the tone is music. Builds up great tension and makes you feel scared for the characters.

  • 4


    First movie in a long time to give me chills. The story is about a family moving into a house where the former family was murdered. The reason why they moved there is because the dad is a writer and hopes this will help him write, the only thing is that he discovers what happened and things start to happen.

  • 5

    The Descent

    Claustrophobic and just eerie, this film is about a group of friends who go exploring in a cave and as they go deeper and deeper they realize they aren't alone. This is one of the first films to ever make me uneasy sitting in the dark, also made me never want to go exploring.