My fiance and I are the proud owners of 3 wonderful doggies - Kobe, Lucy & Sunshine.  Our world greatly revolves around them.  We love to walk them here there and everywhere around town, and we see A LOT of other dogs when we walk.  Before today, I had never heard of  the "Yellow Dog Project", but I think it's a fantastic idea and hope it catches on!

The Yellow Dog Project aims to help both dogs and people, and is very simple.  If your dog needs a little extra space, or you think it would be better for other dogs or humans to not approach your pooch, you simply place a yellow ribbon on their leash or collar.  This yellow ribbon tells other dog owners, people walking with kids, anyone really - to not approach the dog.

Dogs have different personalities.  In my three dogs -  Lucy likes to bark at anything that walks by the house, but when you're on a walk, she's much too busy sniffing around to care about anything.  Kobe, the male of the group, likes to send a "he's tough" messages to any dog we pass when we walk.  Sunshine, our youngest, would play with anything and everything that paid attention to her.

Dogs have different reasons that they would need space.  Of course there are safety reasons if you have a more aggressive dog, but some dogs are coming back from injuries, some are scared - there really are a million reasons!

Pass this around to your friends.  Let's make dog/human world safer and more enjoyable.  Click here for more information!