I have always been a fan of chef Gordon Ramsay. So much so, that I have completely lost count on what season of "Hell's Kitchen" we are on. There is a certain charisma that a celebrity chef must have, and chef Ramsay has got plenty of it. Now, I know he can be a little brash. I know that he has a filthy mouth. But, that is what makes chef Ramsay the celebrity chef he is.

Now, you would think that you want to keep your child away from someone who can get into a cussing match with Sam Jackson, and possibly win. But, deep down, Gordon Ramsay is a family man. Thankfully he can control his cussing around kids. But, will it stop him from yelling?

Gordon is one of the hosts of the show MasterChef Junior on NBC. Chef Ramsay invites chefs as young as 9 years old to compete against other aspiring chefs. Kids that have come a long way from the "Easy-Bake Oven." Young kids that can cook restaurant-quality food. With the hope of winning a chance to publish their own cookbook.

Meet Tegan Bahm!

Montana has our very own MasterChef competing in season 8 of the show. Tegan Bahm is a 12-year-old from Billings, MT. Tegan absolutely LOVES to bake partly due to the fact that her parents own Rae Rae's Bakery in Billings.

In an interview with Jessica Haynie of yourbigsky.com, Tegan said

All of the chefs were actually really nice.  Gordon Ramsey, on all his adult shows, seems like really mean.  And he’s yelling at everybody to do stuff, be there.  Then on the kid’s show he’s actually really nice…  And a lot taller in person.

MasterChef Jr Airs Thursdays on FOX

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