One of the true passions in my life is doing whatever I can to help raise awareness and funds for St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital.  WHY?  Because of absolutely everything they stand for and do to help kids fight catastrophic diseases AND for the Cancer research that happens at the Hospital.
I have gotten the opportunity to tour the hospital and meet the patients and researchers on a few occasions.  This was life changing for me.  My aunt and boss are both cancer survivors, and I will never stop the fight to cure this horrible disease.  Without going into a novel of details - St. Jude doesn't turn away anybody due to the inability to pay, they never stop fighting to fight any disease just because the odds are bad, they are the leading pediatric cancer research facility...they perform miracles and save lives.

A very easy way to learn about and help St. Jude is on their website at  If you are looking for Christmas gifts, they have a killer giftshop and the proceeds go to help cure cancer.  DOUBLE WIN!  I get most of the gifts I buy each year from the website, and the recipients of these gifts always love them.  Please take minute to check it out!  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!