I know it sounds funny - but seriously, CT Scans really are awesome.  And not for their actual medical purpose either.  I think CT scans are awesome for how absolutely different from MRI's that they are.  Let me explain.

If you've never had an MRI, they are not horrible.  BUT - they are not one bit awesome.  It is a small tunnel.  Some have trouble fitting in the silly thing.  It's super loud.  The techs try as hard as they can to distract you with music - but the truth is you can't hear it.   MRI's take a long time.  OK, not really a LONG time - but when you're laying in a tunnel on a board, time does creep by.

NOW, and CT Scan - WAY different.  A CT Scan Machine is like a big circle thing.  You lay on a table, and they move you back and forth where you need to be between in.  It maybe is a foot wide.  It's quiet.  Unbelievably quiet compared to an MRI.  And quick!  So fast.  It took me longer to check in and do the paperwork, then the entire scan process as a whole.  CT scans therefore are awesome.

Time to step it up MRI machine makers, just saying :)