CT Scans Are Awesome
I know it sounds funny - but seriously, CT Scans really are awesome.  And not for their actual medical purpose either.  I think CT scans are awesome for how absolutely different from MRI's that they are.  Let me explain.
If you've never had an MRI, they are not horrible...
The Fattiest Foods in America!
YIKES!  Some of these meals really pack an unhealthy punch!  ~Erin
Eating fat won't make you fat any more than eating money will make you rich.
Sure, if you stuff enough cold, hard cash down your gullet, your belly will probably stick out like an overfed oil exec. Same with fat. Fat keeps us full, and…
Apples Increase Muscle Tone and Reduce Fat: Study
Looking for something yummy AND good for you?  Go back to the "Apple A Day" mentality.  Check out this article!
Will an apple a day actually make you a big hit on the beach?
It’s possible, as new research suggests that ursolic acid, which is found in abundan…
Food Pyramid Gets a Makeover
The Food Pyramid has been revamped by the USDA.  Is this something you even pay attention to?  What do you think of the new "pyramid"? ~Erin
The food pyramid, which since 1992 has demonstrated the proper amount of grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy and meat a person shoul…