Congratulations to Jordan Goode and Justin Clay of Bozeman!  They are the winners of the massive Gift Worth Giving Wedding Giveaway!  They will be getting married in June at the Springhill Pavilion!

According to Larry Stanley - Gift Worth Giving Founder - this is their story.

On February 10th, 2010 it was love at first site.  Jordan was best friends with Justin’s younger sister, but for years she had never met Jordan until that date.  Eleven days later, they had their first date and have been inseparable ever since.

Both Jordan and Justin have faced difficult life situations in very different ways.  Jordan is a breast cancer survivor.  The circumstances of the illness, surgery and treatment took it’s toll on her previous relationship, leaving her standing strong on her own to move forward in life.  Justin is the oldest of eight children.  Due to difficult circumstances he had the responsibility of working to make sure his younger siblings had what they needed.  At the age of 10 Justin started his first full time job to help pay the bills.  He put his own education on hold to take care of the needs of his brothers and sisters.  Later he graduated High School and to this day carries a small copy of his diploma in his wallet.

Jordan works as a personal care giver for a disabled person in the Gallatin Valley and struggles with the enormous medical debt from her cancer treatment.  Justin is an on-call mechanic in the Bozeman area. Both of them are involved in helping others in need in our community.  Justin and Jordan believe in what Justin aptly describes as the ‘ripple effect’ of giving, with the notion that little ripples of good build together to form waves of love, help and support for others.

We are honored to share these stories of our three finalists, each enormously deserving.

CONGRATULATIONS!  We can't wait to see the photos of your big day!