My back yard is..well..a DISASTER.  The woman who owned the home before me was more than a green thumb, she was closer to Martha Stewart.  Me, not so much.  Let's just say the backyard has a ton of work that it needs.  This weekend was the start of the massive undertaking.

Ross spent 4 hours on the lawn.  Weed eating hadn't been done forever, and the grass had been mowed, but mulched, twice this summer.  The makes for a lot of clean up.  I started working on the 20 feet by 40 feet produce garden - rr - weed patch that I hope to sod.  I made a "dent" in it, but that's a big project.  I worked on the raspberry's, the plants, the flower garden - it went on forever!

Seems like everyone was doing the same thing this weekend!  How much progress did you make?