Happy National Mom & Pop Shop Day!  In my opinion, we get very lucky in Bozeman because of the huge variety of restaurants.  Lots of these gems are locally owned and operated by folks right here in the valley.  Here is my list of my favorite Mom & Pop restaurants - do you agree with my choices?  Whats your favorite?

Naked Noodle

One word, BRILLIANT.  Who doesn't want yummy pasta?  Better yet, who doesn't want yummy pasta quickly.  Naked Noodle is a downtown restaurant that according to their facebook page offers "Curious Noodles, Pastas, Salads. with Gluten-Free Options, Vegetarian and Kid's Menus. A local favorite in Bozeman that caters to any noodle dish you desire."  Fact.  I literally have to force myself to forget it's 4 blocks from my office or I would eat there every day. You can get a free meal too if your name is the name of the day. They go through the alphabet picking one boy name and one girl name each day. Keep your eyes out for your own!


There's no doubt about it, if I spend a late night out and about on the town - Soby's will be part of the next morning.  You can find my boyfriend Ross and I in one of the corner booths enjoying their food.  They are a Mexican/American restaurant and their average plate is less than $10. CLICK HERE for more Soby's Info!


Tarantino's Pizza

There was this place in my hometown named Weebee's where kids lined up during lunch in high school.  Let me tell you what, Tarantino's Pizza puts them to shame.  Tarantino's literally couldn't be farther from my house (it's at the corner of Rouse and Main, I am at Four Corners), but If I am going to have Pizza - it's Tarantino's plain and simple.  They are open late, in Downtown Bozeman, sells by the slice , and the pizza - oh that pizza. Phenomenal.

Leaf & Bean

I work downtown, and my day starts at 4:30 am.  I drink a lot of coffee.  The best coffee shop, BY FAR, in Bozeman is the Leaf & Bean.  With all of the Bozeman culture you love, you can shop, get lunch, snacks, goodies and more at the Leaf & Bean.  YUM YUM.  It makes me want the coffee at this exact minute.


The Korner Klub

I am a Four Corners girl.  I have lived out there for about 6years, and that makes the Korner Klub my bar.  More specifically - our bar with amazing food.  Don't want to cook, head to the Korner Klub. Can't get that sports game, Korner Klub.  Done with floating and hungry, burgers at the Korner Klub.  Want to have a beer with a friend, yep - you guessed it the Korner Klub. If you've been there then you love it, if you haven't then you don't know what you are missing!

So that's my list!  What restaurants would make your list?  What did I miss?