UPDATE - They got me too!  This is a joke! :)

North Dakota has been all over the news lately - from the oil boom, to banning abortions, and now dictating what type of underwear women can wear.

The Sensible Underwear Act (SB 2304) passed nearly unanimously by Dakota State Republicans and will now go to a ballot vote for all registered North Dakotans. These laws will effectively outlaw a thong, string or suction underwear in the state with the most churches per capita.

This would mean retailers like Walmart, JC Penney and Target won't even be allowed to stock these types of underwear on the shelves.

What do you think of this?  I'm from North Dakota, and I think this is absolutely crazy.  You cannot tell people what they can or cannot wear UNDER their clothes.  What's next, allowing only sports bras?