Lindsay is in trouble again!  Are you surprised? I am not, but I am by the charge!  Robbery?  Seems like she could buy what she wants!Lindsay Lohan will be charged with felony grand theft today. reported that a single count of felony grand theft -- stemming from allegations that the starlet stole a $2,500 necklace -- will be filed at Airport Court in L.A. this morning.

According to the website, Lohan will then be arraigned at 1:30 PM -- and she must be present for the hearing.

Meanwhile, Lindsay is already planning her defense. A source told, "There were two witnesses with Lindsay in the store who are going to tell her side of the story. Her assistant Eleanor and her friend Patrick were with her and they saw everything and they both know that Lindsay didn't steal the necklace."

* Insiders tell TMZ that Lindsay had more than enough cash on her to purchase the necklace when she was in the store. Sources say that Lindsay was carrying about $6,000 in cash because she had been eyeing a ring in the store, which was going for $3,400.

* Lohan, who is currently on probation, could be sent to California State prison if convicted.


Lindsay may be facing a grand felony charge and jail -- but she's reportedly still trying to line up work. reported that Lindsay's people have been talking to producers of the new Superman movie about a part in the film.

* Sources say that Lindsay is "dying to show people again how talented she is" and hopes that this latest run-in with the law doesn't ruin her chances with the Superman project. Although the role she's up for isn't Lois Lane, supposedly it's a "major character."