I am going to embarrass my boyfriend Ross on this one, but he knows that's part of dating someone who talks for a living.  :)

For the second year in a row, he has planned the perfect Christmas time date night. We get all dressed up and head downtown.  We have an amazing dinner at Teds Montana Grill and then head to the Ellen Theater.  This year it was for their performance of "White Christmas".  Put together my absolute love of Christmastime, the Ellen Theater, yummy food and great company - and you have one perfect date night.

I grew up performing.  Dance, Choir, Band, Cheerleading - I did them all.  I love anytime I get to dress up and go see someone else's craft of choice.  Let me tell you what, the people who participate in the plays at the Ellen Theater - are VERY good at their craft!  The play was awesome!  The singing, dancing, costumes, set - EVERYTHING.  Here's the link to buy tickets, do you have someone in your life who could use a break during the crazy holiday season?  They would love this!