I find the 4th of July interesting in Bozeman.  Yes there are a lot of different options for what to do - but  not a ton of them are near water, my personal must to celebrate Independence Day. Yesterday, I must say - was a FANTASTIC 4th of July for yours truly.

My morning started off at 6am with my doggies ready to go for their morning walk.  Yes, I do get up that early on my days off - and yes I actually do love it!  I ride my cruiser bike around our loop and the three dogs run along.  Its my favorite way to start the morning.  I then had some coffee, messed around on Pinterest and got packed up for a trip to Chico with my friend Michelle.

We got to Chico by 10am, and the weather was perfect for pool side lounging.  We enjoyed laying out, getting some sun and having fun girl chit chat.  We left around 1, and headed to the next stop - lunch at Santa Fe Reds.

After lunch I went home, got showered and headed to our friends house for the must do 4th of July BBQ.  I personally love these nights.  Not only am I obsessed over BBQ food (cheeseburgers, watermelon, chips, MMMM) - I love being outside in Bozeman in the evening with friends.  Where I grew up, Mosquito's will eat you alive if you sit outside - and it's one thing I never take for granted! The weather was perfect, we had a gorgeous view of the Bridgers, dogs were running around, and the company was wonderful.

Ross and I ended the night watching the fireworks at our house.  Let me say we did not have a choice in this matter, our neighbor went NUTSO on fireworks this year.  Bad for sleep, wonderful for private firework shows in your back yard :)

Hope you had a great 4th of July!