Subzero temperatures are soon to be a regular thing in Southwestern Montana. Tomorrow's forecast (12/6) is calling for a low of -6. Maybe you like to stay inside when it's cold, or maybe you like to hit the slopes at Bridger Bowl.

Whatever the case, here are 5 things to do when the temperature gets below zero in Montana.


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    Stick your tongue to a flag pole

    This may not be fun for the person who's doing it, but for everyone watching, it's hilarious! I wouldn't really recommend that anyone do this as it is extremely painful. I added it to the list because it's definitely something you could do when temperatures are below zero in Montana.

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    Freeze boiling water instantly

    Although temperatures won't get down to -20 this week, it will eventually. When temperatures are -20 or below you can throw boiling water in the air and in will instantly turn into steam and drift away.

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    Go skiing or snowboarding

    If you prefer to spend time outside during subzero temperatures, you can wax up your boards or skis and head to Big Sky or Bridger Bowl.

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    Put together a puzzle

    One of my favorite things to do during the holidays is work on a puzzle. Not only is it something you can do while inside the warmth of your home, it also helps with mental stimulation, and keeps your mind sharp.

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    Drink hot cocoa or apple cider by the fireplace

    If there's absolutely no way you're going outside when temperatures are below zero, you can stay cozy inside. You can watch Christmas movies, and sip hot cocoa and apple cider to stay warm.