The Carnival Cruise line has been in the news the past month for the horrific trip guests had while they went on vacation on the Carnival Triumph.  After loosing power, they had to deal with a lot as they were slowly pulled into a Texas port.  The powerful photos of guests kissing the ground as they got off the ship have been seen by many.  Well, this past week my fiance and I took a week long trip upon the Carnival Liberty, and we had a VERY different experience.  This trip was one of the best weeks of my life.

I will start off with the staff.  They were in a single word - amazing.  I have never experienced such amazing service and a willingness to truly satisfy whatever your needs are.  From the housekeeping, stewards, wait staff - they literally could not have been more kind and accommodating.

The second night of our cruise, we made reservations to eat at their fancy "Diamonds Steak House".  This was a special night, and the restaurant was on the top of the ship - with absolutely amazing food.  As we sat there and ordered our food, I felt motion sickness creeping into my body.  The wind was blowing, the seas were a little rough, and being at the top of the ship it was pretty rocky.  By the time our salad's came - I thought I was going to be physically sick.  I was super embarrassed, I was going to have to leave the restaurant and go lay down.  I wasn't going to make it through the meal.  We called the server over, and not only was she super gracious about the whole thing - she personally walked us all the way to the bottom and other side of the ship to the medical center, and then sent our steak and lobster dinner to our room when we got back.  She also called a few hours later to see how I was feeling.  She made what was a bad situation, as good as it could be.  It was wonderful.  This is just one of the examples of the service we found on the Carnival Liberty Ship.

The food on the ship was amazing.  Every night had a new menu for dinner!  Everything from chicken to a turkey dinner, prime rib to frogs legs - they had something for everyone.  They also have a 24 hour pizza and burger restaurant, and a buffet with a ton of options for lunch.  One of my favorites, you could order whatever you wanted for breakfast to your room each morning, and have breakfast in bed.

As far as excursions and ports, we went swimming with the dolphins in Cozumel Mexico, toured the ancient Myan Ruins in Belize, went zip lining and met the monkeys in Honduras, and went Parasailing in the Cayman Islands. My favorite was definitely the dolphins, and my fiance loved the Parasailing.  Each excursion went off without a hitch, and was flawlessly executed.

This is a trip I will never forget - and it was made significantly better by choosing a Carnival Cruise line!