Actress Sharon Stone has a lot of family in Montana. Stone has had two family members die from COVID-19, both of which live in Montana.

In a recent video posted on Instagram, Stone shared her frustrations with Montana health officials, saying that testing isn't available to residents who are not symptomatic, and that test results can take up to five days.

Stone continues saying;

The nurses in the hospital that are taking care of them can't get tested becuase they don't have tests to test them with. Those nurses are risking their lives and cannot be tested.

Stone's grandmother and Godmother have died of COVID-19. Her sister is currently in a Montana hospital fighting for her life. She, and her husband, have both been diagnosed with COVID-19 and have been hospitalized.

She also called out Gov. Steve Bullock and Montana Health officials saying that officials are simply so overwhelmed that they are not answering the phones. She claims that "they are hanging up and not returning calls."

She claims that her mother was unable to get a test in Montana because she wasn't symptomatic.

She also places the blame on "anti-maskers" and those refusing to wear a mask.

Watch the entire video below.

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