2023 has been a wild ride in Montana, and as we near the end of the year, it's a great time to look back and reflect on some of the most memorable moments that went viral online. The year flew by incredibly fast, and at times, it's difficult to remember all of the tiny details of each major event.

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One of the biggest stories of the year involved a popular social media influencer who was interviewed for an article in Business Insider. In the article, she talked about moving to Bozeman from New York. She went on to explain why her lavish Bozeman lifestyle is so much better than her days living in the big city. She purchased a million-dollar home and said "she'd rather feel rich than big-city cool." Her name is Shallon Lester.

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At the time, it seemed like almost everyone in Montana had an opinion about Shallon Lester, and they didn't hold back when it came to sharing their feelings online. To put it lightly, she received a lot of hate for her comments about living in Montana. To many, the thought of another wealthy person moving to their beloved state was infuriating. After the backlash, Lester issued a response on her Instagram account.

Where is Shallon Lester Now?

Shallon Lester
YouTube/Shallon Lester

Since all of the backlash, we haven't heard much about Shallon Lester, so we decided to take a little time to find out what she's been up to. She's still living in Bozeman. She shared the picture below two weeks ago on Instagram and appears to be wearing a Pony Bar hoodie. The picture was shared with the caption;

When someone hates you, check your bank account and see if it made a difference.





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