Actor Alec Baldwin has been in Billings since last weekend filming an action movie, and today posted a video on his Instagram where he laughed about a confrontation he had with an Uber driver that picked him up.

In the video, Baldwin said he's been staying at the Northern Hotel, and is in Montana for a film with a working title of 'Supercell', but then added the movie title may change before it's released.

When talking about the movie, Baldwin said it's been "a really interesting experience," and that he hasn't "shot a film like this in a while, where we are like running through the fields to chase the light, it's crazy." He describes the movie as a "twister movie, it's a tornado movie, it's a weather anomaly movie."

Actress Anne Heche is also starring in the movie, but Baldwin said she's not been part of the filming in Montana.

Credit: D Dipasupil, Getty Images
Credit: D Dipasupil, Getty Images

After talking about a canceled ABC sitcom that Baldwin and Kelsey Grammer starred in, Alec then shared a story that happened to him while taking an Uber from downtown Billings to the Best Buy on King Avenue West.

The story about the Billings Uber driver named "Keith" begins at 4:55 in the Instagram video. Here's a transcription:

I'll tell you a quick story. I'm in an Uber. The guy drives me, he takes me to a Best Buy, because I'm missing the one charger, I need, I take all my chargers except the one I need. I'm headed to Best Buy, and as I'm driving there I say to him "How far is the Best Buy?" He said, "it's about 15 minutes." I said I'm visiting town, and I don't really know this area. We're in a pickup by the way. There's a pause and he says, "Are you here for that Alex Baldwin movie?" I had my mask on and my glasses and I go "no, no," I said, "what's that?" And he said, "I can't stand him," and then he went on to say a few other choice things. So we get to the Best Buy and I take off my mask and I pick up my license and I go, "Hey Keith, I want to show you something. I'm Alex Baldwin." And he looked at me in the rear view mirror and he goes, "My God, you are Alex Baldwin." I said, Keith, don't believe everything you read in the paper. And um, that was my welcome to Montana. -Alec Baldwin on Instagram

ALEC Baldwin then wrapped up the video praising Billings saying, "the people here have been great," and that it's "been a pleasure, really love Montana, beautiful, wish we had more time to go sightseeing" Baldwin also mentioned he has been staying at the Northern Hotel in downtown and gave praise to Walker's which is "open late."

According to the video, Baldwin will be leaving the Magic City on Saturday (5/15).

When Alec Baldwin arrived in Billings, he spent Mother's Day 2021 in downtown and shared a story about the "great, great hero" Ben Steele. CLICK HERE to read that story.

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