'90s girl group All Saints, perhaps most famous in the U.S. for their song “Never Ever,” are gearing up for a comeback this year.

The group announced their forthcoming resurrection on Twitter, where they posted an album title and release date all in one fell swoop. Red Flag will be released on April 8, but fans won’t have to wait three months for new music: The album's lead single, titled “One Strike,” will be out as soon as February 26.

Red Flag marks the group's first album in ten years. All Saints disbanded (for a second time) after the release of 2006’s Studio 1, only to return as the tour opener for Backstreet Boys in 2014. They jumped at the opportunity to tour because they didn’t have the chance to perform live as much as they would've liked during the group’s initial run.

"We were asked to do that tour, we never got to actually do that many shows back in the day. The chance to do the thing we did the least of, but which we enjoyed the most — performing — was refreshing,” said member Melanie Blatt in a new interview with i-D.

The group, which was originally founded in 1993, went on an indefinite hiatus in 2001 before coming back to record their third album Studio 1 in 2006. It proved to be a short-lived reunion, as the group eventually confirmed they'd split in 2009.

But Melanie insists this comeback is the one that matters: "Now, in 2016, we've just made my favorite All Saints album. It's the album I've always wanted us to make — and we've made it!"

Check out the full interview over at i-D.