2020 has been a crazy year. I bet, if you were to go back to new years day and tell yourself how this year was going to turn out, you would probably just go live in a cave. We have experienced everything from fires, to murder hornets, to pandemics and now hurricanes. When will it stop?

Even the animals are getting fed up with how 2020 has been going. Earlier this month a woman was attacked by a bison in the Custer State Park in South Dakota. The video of the biker losing her pants to the bison went viral on the web.

According to the YouTube Video from Distinctly Montana:

Tourists at Custer State Park in South Dakota captured the shocking moment when a bison threw a woman back and forth, ultimately knocking her unconscious and tearing her pants off. Incredibly, the woman was not seriously injured. In that respect she is extremely lucky -- the bison can grow to a weight of 1000 pounds, and, unlike domestic cattle, is a wild animal animated by instinct. Had the horn been an inch above or below she could have been gored. The moral cannot be obvious: do not approach bison. They are not there for your amusement.

Now, weeks later, another bison is going viral on the web. This time taking place in Yellowstone National Park. Watch as a grumpy old bison, fed up with people pointing phones at him and blocking the road, grunts at tourist.  Summing exactly how we all feel about 2020.

I suppose the rockchuck marmots in the park are not big fans of 2020 either.


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