Arnold Schwarzenegger is releasing his new book - In Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story.  It supposedly details all of his life, including his affairs with different women while married to Maria Shriver.

Here's my two cents on this.  Arnold is trying to sell books - at the sake of his family.  He easily had enough material to write about between Mr Olypmpia, becoming a major movie star - and then tackling the political stage.   In my eyes, he is trying to be act sad while kind of patting himself on the back.  If he was really sorry, he would have never published this.  There are children involved - not only his own but a son he barely knows and had a "hunch" was his after a strong resemblance. In my opinion Arnold you are trash.  Good luck in your old age when these women you had affairs with are long gone - and you are left alone.

Anyone else agree with me?  Should he have wrote about these affairs?  Do you think he did it to sell books?

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