Thursday afternoon, the staff and patients at Best Practice Medicine in Bozeman received an afternoon surprise when a black bear came right up to their front doors. Here's a picture one of the staff managed to grab before the bear strolled off.

Credit: Best Practice Medicine
Here's what Best Practice Medicine posted on their Facebook page about the unexpected visit.
The Bozeman team had this pleasant young gentleman as a guest on our campus today. He walked right on up to our front doors. We don't speak bear but our best guess is that he wants a Bear CPR course?
We sure do love living and working in this fantastic place! #Blackbear #wildlifefriends #newstudent #GreatPlaceToWork #socialdistancing
Credit: Best Practice Medicine

Best Practice Medicine is located in the Life of Montana building on the east side of Bozeman by the Main Street exit from I-90.

A Bozeman-based company, BPM specializes in medical education, simulation training, and clinician deployment. They were founded in 2015 but this is their first bear visit. They offer emergency care provider training for EMRs, EMTs, AEMTs, Paramedics and more. Their clinician deployment division played an integral role in MT this year by deploying Covid-19 Screeners and testers across the state as well as deploying Wildland Fire EMTs for the Bridger Foothills fire and out of state fire incidents.

This is the third bear that has been spotted recently in and around Bozeman. Less than two weeks ago, a local hunter caught some video of a grizzly bear in Bear Canyon just up I-90 from Best Practice Medicine. You can check out the video below.

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