Burritos are something that everyone enjoys because it's so simple. It's a mixture of tasty ingredients wrapped in a tortilla. Why do some restaurants make burritos complicated? 

Not everyone believes this, but I know that burritos are the best way to eat food. You can put every kind of food in a warm, floury tortilla. You can mix protein, carbs, veggies, and cheese in a handheld vehicle. Whether you want a burrito for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, it's always acceptable. The real question is, where is the best burrito in Montana? 

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We've talked about the best breakfast burrito and the best-hidden gem for burritos, but where is the best spot overall? We might have found that answer but strongly disagree with the pick. 

Lovefood put out a list of Your State's Most Delicious Burrito Bursting With Flavor, and the best burrito is in the heart of downtown Bozeman. The best burrito in Montana is the breakfast burrito from Jam

Jam via Facebook
Jam via Facebook

Jam in downtown Bozeman is one of the most popular breakfast spots in the whole Gallatin Valley. Locals and tourists wait for a seat at this restaurant for Jam's incredible food. Here's the thing, their breakfast burrito, even though it's delicious, should be disqualified. 

Jam's breakfast burrito is stuffed with the best ingredients and topped with gravy, cheese, and cilantro. This is where I have a problem with this burrito. Burritos are to be held and not cut up with a fork and knife. Burritos should be able to be held without a massive mess. It's a delicious burrito but loses what burritos are all about. 

If I had to reevaluate this list, we would pick burrito spots like Mr. BurritosLow-Key Sandwiches, or Rise and Shine Cafe here in the Gallatin Valley. All these spots have great breakfast and regular burritos you can order, and you can eat them sitting down or while on the go. 

Photo by Ruyan Ayten via Unsplash
Photo by Ruyan Ayten via Unsplash

If you are ever in Missoula, Market on Front's breakfast burrito is one of my favorites. Whether you want sausage or bacon, the chipotle aioli they add will soothe your soul. 

Whoever makes these lists need to ask locals where they believe the best burrito in Montana is located. Even though Jam's burrito is fantastic, no one should have to eat a burrito with a knife and fork. 

Just our thoughts. 

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