Burritos are a magical food everyone can enjoy. Whether they are breakfast burritos or delicious burritos from your favorite restaurant, I thought in honor of National Burrito Day I would list my Top Five Places to Get Burritos in Bozeman. Here is my list.

Credit:Adshooter/Getty Images
  • 1

    El Rodeo

    Honestly, the best place in Bozeman to get a burrito in my opinion. Their burritos are not only delicious but they will fill you up. They have their taco truck near Jiffy Lube on Main Street or you can check out their location in the Gallatin Valley Mall.

  • 2

    Bagels Etc.

    Yes I know they have Bagels in their name but their breakfast burritos are awesome, and I highly recommend the Montanan. It's steak, grilled onions and pure enjoyment. Check out their website for more details.

  • 3

    Taco Del Sol

    Right in downtown Bozeman, Taco Del Sol offers a variety of burritos that are not only very affordable but delicious and they get it to you very quickly. Check out all their burritos on their website.

  • 4

    La Parrilla

    When I found out there was a La Parrilla here in Bozeman I was ecstatic. You can build your own burritos or you can get one of their fusion burritos. If you do that, I highly recommend Buffalo Gypsy, but honestly anything is delicious here. Check out their website for all of their burritos.

  • 5

    Tumbleweeds Food Truck

    Possibly the best food truck right here in Bozeman and their burritos are filling and delicious. Tumbleweeds Food Truck is where you can get a burrito in many different styles such as Thai, Asian, Indian, BBQ, Carnitas, or Buffalo Style. If you see their truck out and about make sure you make a stop and get a tasty burrito. Check out their Facebook page for their full menu.