Cakes? Pies? Cookies? No way. For me, it's the homemade Chex Mix. With NOTHING but the Corn Chex. Everything else in the store-bought version is unnecessary fluff IMHO.

The holidays are the best, man. Even those of us who aren't culinary geniuses can often be found in the kitchen more often, creating whatever wonderful treat they loved growing up. Old, family recipes or learning to perfect our own version of stuffing.

It doesn't really matter WHAT you're cooking, as long as it brings you joy. Seriously. Cook with the kids. Cook with the neighbors. Cook by yourself. There are no rules because this is YOUR time to make whatever makes you happy.

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For me, it's all about the salty/crunchy stuff. If someone brings donuts to the office, I don't touch them. Cookies? Thank you, but no. Sometimes the sweet AND savory stuff hits the spot like peanut brittle or toffee/chocolate popcorn but that's about it. Heaven forbid someone brings in homemade Chex Mix...I'll be making multiple trips to the office kitchen for more than my fair share of the stuff.

(BTW, the Chex Mix pictured here, I just made 20 minutes ago and the tray is almost gone. I love that stuff way more than I should.)

My significant other has a holiday tradition with his mom. They carve out a few hours the day before the big meal and make a Bouche de Noel. It's a fantastic cake that's a glorified, fancy Ho-Ho. No only do they create a wonderful desert for our family dinner, but it's honestly some quality mother/son bonding time. Double win.

No matter what your holiday culinary tradition is, we wish you all the best this season. Enjoy your time together with family and friends...and by all means, EAT SOMETHING DELICIOUS!

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