Even though we aren't surprised that Big Sky landed on this list but there should have been a few more Montana towns on this list.

U.S. News came out with their annual Best Mountain Towns to Visit and Montana had one town land on the list and not surprising it was Big Sky, Montana.

Big Sky is home to the famous Big Sky Resort, which has the largest skiing area in North America and then in the summertime this place is just as fantastic. They have hiking and biking trails, a world class golf course and their downtown area is absolutely fantastic. The only problems I have with Big Sky is that if you want to go skiing or snowboarding you will have to pay top dollar and there will be some changes coming up for the 2021-2022 ski season, especially for their legendary Lone Peak tram.

Big Sky Resort via Facebook
Big Sky Resort via Facebook

This list just looking at it at a whole seems like where can you spend the most money to go skiing or snowboarding with an exception of a few of them. The thing is Montana is filled with incredible mountain towns to live or visit at anytime of the year.

There is Whitefish in Northwest Montana, that sits right below Whitefish Mountain Resort(Big Mountain to locals). Whitefish is right next to Glacier National Park and their downtown is one of the best in Montana. Then there is Red Lodge. Even thought it's a trek to get to that town, their ski mountain during the summer or winter is always a gem.

I am just going to declare this now, Montana has the best Mountain Towns in the U.S. I don't care what this list says.

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