There's a 20% statewide tax on recreational cannabis and a 4% tax on medical cannabis sales in Montana, but voters in many counties throughout the state recently approved a local-option tax on the primary ballot as well.

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Yellowstone, Park, Dawson, and Missoula counties already have the local-option tax on cannabis products. Thirteen additional counties in Montana recently voted, in the June 7 primary election, to add a their own local tax to cannabis products.

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In Gallatin County, voters approved a 3% local option tax on medical and recreational marijuana, but the county rejected the additional tax due to a clerical error. This would've increased the tax on recreational cannabis products in Gallatin County to 23%. The tax on medical marijuana would've increased from 4% to 7%.

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If you're wondering why the Gallatin County Commission decided to reject the voter-approved local-option tax, here's a simple explanation. Montana state law requires counties to send out two notices describing the purpose of the local tax and what the tax revenue will be used for before an election. Voters in Gallatin County didn't receive the notices prior to the election. Due to the error, the taxes were rejected by the commission.

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With the price of almost everything increasing, cannabis users in Gallatin County are breathing a sigh of relief. Many cannabis dispensaries in the Bozeman area are also happy that the local tax was rejected. Gallatin County Commissioners say that the question will be added to the general election ballot in November.

A 3% tax isn't much, but for cannabis users already struggling to survive financially in Gallatin County, any help is considered good news.

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