The average nightly rate for a Bozeman Airbnb is currently $130 and judging from the ratings, folks are more than pleased to pay it.

Photo - Airbnb Bozeman
Photo - Airbnb Bozeman

There's a fairly extensive process STR (short term rental) owners need to go through to be licensed through the City of Bozeman:

  • Pre-Registration
  • State & County requirements
  • Begin the online registration
  • ACTUAL registration
  • Inspection
  • Upload some documents and pay the fee

Seems a little confusing to me, but it can't be that hard considering the sheer number of Airbnb offerings in Bozeman. For instance:

Short term rentals are only allowed in some zoning districts. The allowed districts are shown below. Type I STR are allowed in all districts, Type 2 are allowed in all but RS and R1, and Type 3 are not allowed in residential districts.

The "Savvy Millenial" liked her Bozeman Airbnb she posted a video about it:





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