Hear me out. I'll buy more retro Puka necklaces and glowsticks than I will cheese popcorn or overpriced magazines. Old-school Stussy hats rather than chocolate pretzels. I'd buy one for every single friend and they'd LOVE them.

Don't get me wrong...I still buy the same old boring stuff that kids are seemingly forced to sell when they come knocking. My neighborhood is full of 'em. Fall is an especially busy time since Christmas is right around the corner.

But for the love of everything holy, can our kids PLEASE start selling some cooler stuff?

I've only had one reasonably useful purchase so far this entire year...a very pretty (and not offensively overpriced) Christmas wreath, which should be delivered to me just after Thanksgiving. Done deal. Love it. The rest of the nonsense I bought purely out of support and guilt.

So what kinds of things would YOU rather see kids selling as fundraiser items? We put together a few ideas. Not sure they're all feasible, but we'd buy the heck out of them.

1) Glowsticks and glow jewelry: It's ALWAYS good to have these on hand for parties, concerts, whatever. Plus, they're usually hard to find in stores when you need them. Just stock up from the neighborhood kid once a year!

2) Zip Hoodies with the Montana flag on the back: I'd totally rock one of those and probably buy one for an out-of-state friend who loves this place.

3) Strings of crazy shaped holiday lights: You know, Christmas lights except in the shape of tacos, cookies, dice, garlic, etc. Who doesn't love string lights, especially when they're weird???? Plus the margins on those things must be insane.

4) Those weird knotted string bracelets from the 80s and 90s: If you were young back then, you probably made these all the time. Now that you're old, you don't have a clue how to make those cool designs from your past. Poof! A kid shows up at your door and you're instantly back in college.

5) Funky Montana or Bozeman themed hanging calendars: Really...calendars that you can write on seemed to have disappeared with the advent of smartphones. People still need to keep track of some stuff, especially with a family. NOTE: the weirder the calendar pictures, the better though! Generic elk pictures ain't gonna cut it.

6) Flower Seed Bombs: They're like bath bombs, but with wildflower seeds in them. They're cool as hell and an absolute mess to make yourself. Super fun for adults and kids alike for gorilla urban gardening. This option might be my favorite. Useful, biodegradable, good gift and excellent margins. Plus you eventually get flowers :-)

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