Mount Everest is a climber's dream and to make history climbing that mountain would be monumental.

Full Circle Everest is a group an expedition to be the first all-black climbers to make it to the summit of the world's tallest mountain in the world. To this day, only eight black climbers have ever reached the summit of Mount Everest.

One of the coolest aspects of this group of incredible men and women who are planning to climb this peak is that one of the climbers is from right here in Bozeman. 25-year-old Manoah Ainuu is excited to break barriers and seek the challenges that come with climbing Mount Everest.

The Full Circle Everest group wants to be building blocks to show that the climbing community and folks that enjoy the outdoors are diverse and exciting.

The Full Circle Everest group is fundraising for this trip and they are trying to reach their overall goal of $50,000 and just crossed that goal today thanks to a huge donation from the Trust for Public Lands. This means that they will be able to fund the whole trip and start their journey.

I am so excited to see that we are going to have Manoah Ainuu from right here in Bozeman represent the great state of Montana and make history! I can't wait to see photos and videos from Manoah and the Full Circle Everest group when they reach the summit and reach their goal.

Congratulation and good luck to Manoah! You are a real trailblazer!

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