Around Bozeman, Conrad Anker is a household name.  The absolute definition of Montana Mountain Man - Conrad is known for his famous treks, ice climbing feats, books and more.  Conrad is currently teamed up with Montana State Professor Geology David Lageson and other Montana State University Students on a trip to the highest point in the world. The team will climb Mount Everest on their 2012 Everest Education Expedition - and you can follow them on their adventure!  According to the Montana State University Website -

A team of climbers will retrace the steps of the first American ascent of Mount Everest via the difficult West Ridge. In 1963, two Americans (Tom Hornbein and Willi Unsoeld) became the first to successfully climb Everest’s West Ridge then descend via the Southeast Ridge, thus traversing the entire mountain. This was one of the most difficult high-altitude feats in mountaineering history. Several members of the team will re-climb this route to honor this achievement. It has not been repeated since 1963.

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